Hello again guys,

Thanks for all your kind comments, you’re all to kind but it feels great to hear that you like the progress so far [smile]

Okay, a new part. This time have I work on the flight deck so on with the pictures [biggrin]

                                  Part 9. 

The first thing to take care of on the deck parts was to remove the kits safety nets, they will be replaced 
later with new PE parts.

I just used a knife and cutting them off,

The mountings for the antennas is glued in place,

I start the painting of the deck parts with Tamiya XF-53 Neutral Grey, 

and next I airbrush the floor on the catwalk with the same blue/gray mix as I used on the hull platforms,
with help of a .15 needle and a steady hand will it work without any masking [biggrin]

When the paint have dried was it time for some weathering, I airbrush Flory Models Dark Dirt Wash on the parts.

and as a finishing touch have I dry brush the painted parts with Tamiya XF-19

The mounting of the flight deck begins, first the bow part,

The deck part is hold in place while the glue sets with help of masking tape 

When the aft part is in place was it time for the middle part, this part is secured with two screws in the front,

I glued the part and forced it down with some strips of tape,

When so the glue has dried properly was it time to take care of the seams. The fit is very good but some sanding and filling 
is necessary.
I put down strips of Tamiya tape to protect the details on the deck and work the seam with a skinny sanding stick.

After the sanding have I used a coat Mr Surfacer 500 over the seam.

And the finished result, the forward joint

and the rear one.

Before the painting of the flight deck can begin was it necessary to mask of the rest of the hull,

I first pre-shade the deck with Vallejo Model Air 054 Dark Grey Blue and 046 Pale Green Blue in a random pattern.

I choice Tamiya XF-24 Dark Grey for the top coat, it can seem a bit to light but it will darken when the weathering is done.
And as usual the pre-shade is really more visible in the picture and it looks not so patchy in real life, I promise [wink] [smile]

When the painting was finished was the next task to mask up the deck for the painting of the  landing markings.

Okay, there was a lot of tape [biggrin]

Ready for the white paint, Tamiya XF-2 Flat White.

After the white paint has I mask it off so I can paint the yellow fields in the center line.

And airbrush it with Tamiya X-8 Lemon Yellow

And finally was it the moment of truth, removal of the all masking [smile]

And when all the masking was gone we have this final look.

Okay, now I will work on and mask and paint all the rest of the markings on the flight deck and after that can we
start with the decals, but that will be in the next part [smile]

See you soon.