Part 6.

The build continued and I have fitted the various parts on side of the hull,

this includes also all the platforms for the Phalanx and Sea Sparrow armament, the fit of this platform required 
a small amount of filler.

The fit of the starboard aft platform was much better and needed no filler. I have also fitted some watertight PE doors 
and vents where they was missing in the kit.

More PE doors glued onto the hull, I will not glue the platforms that shall fit into the slots now, I think 
that it will be easier to paint them separately and fit them later.

The aft port platform required a bit of filler as the fit was not perfect. I have also applied new PE rails and a 
door on the top aft platform.

When all the parts on the hull was in place was it time to close up the hangar and make it ready for the painting.
I used a sponge to block off the four openings into the hangar.

To mask the top of the hangar have I used 40 mm Tamiya tape.

First step of the painting was to take the hull down in my basement and give the hull a coat of 
grey primer from a spray can.

When I was waiting for the hull to dry properly have I build the aircraft and support vehicles which 
shall be parked into the hangar later. All the aircraft’s comes from Trumpeter’s range,

and the forklifts and some of the vehicles is from MRC Carrier Deck Equipment set.

Aircraft’s on a stick, ready for painting [smile]

When the primer was dry have I painted the water line with Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black and the pre-shade is done with
Tamiya XF-69 Nato Black as it is a very dark grey shade and I think it work better as a pre-shade than pure black.

Next I masked the waterline, the kit had the width for the waterline marked out with a raised panel line and I measured 
it before I sanded it off earlier. The width was 5,5 mm but I choice to use the 6 mm Tamiya tape for a much easier way 
to mask it, I will think that it will not make that big difference [wink]

To get the right color for the bottom of the hull have I choice to go with the painting instruction in the kit. 
The mix was done with 2 parts of Tamiya XF-7 Flat Red and 1 part of XF-10 Flat Brown

The paint was airbrushed onto the hull in thin layers so not the pre-shade will disappear to much.

To get some variation in the red have I mixed the base color with help of Tamiya XF-55 Buff, this is a more suitable 
shade of color than pure white paint which can turn the red paint into some pink shade [smile]

I have airbrushed the lighter shade randomly over the hull to create some highlights.

Next I masked of the bottom of the hull and choice to go with Tamiya XF-53 Neutral Grey for the main hull color.

This time I used Tamiya XF-2 Flat White to mix a lighter shade of the grey paint.

When so the masking on the bottom and the water line was removed we have this result.

For all the horisontal deck area have I used the kit call out, a mix of 3 parts Tamiya XF-66 Light Grey 
and 1 part XF-50 Field Blue.

I mask of all the deck area and airbrush the blue/grey paint.

And this completed the painting of the hull, next will I apply a coat of clear gloss varnish and start with the 
weathering, but that will be in the next part [wink]

  See you soon [smile]