Part 2.

First thing to take care of was to sanding out some casting marks and the center mold line that
runs along the bottom of the hull.

The bow part also have this center mold line, but it is easy to remove with help of a sanding sponge.

When I was happy with the sanding and the seam line was gone, was the next step to join the two hull parts.

The bow part is screwed together with the rear hull.

When so the screws were tightened have I used Tamiya Thin cement to bound the two parts together.

The fit is really good but there is not possible to avoid an ugly seam line.

So the only thing to do was to get the filler out and start to fill the seam line.

And after some work with the sanding sponge is the seam gone [smile]

Next I wanted to fit the propeller shaft supports and shaft housing.
And here the age of this kit shine through, there is a step on many of the parts, I think it comes from when the 
two halves of the casting mold not have aligned totally right.

But the problem is solved with some sanding with the Skinny Stick sanders [wink]

After the ugly step on the shaft supports have gone, I could glue the parts on to the hull.

To get a nice seamless fit between the housing and the hull have I used Vallejo Plastic Putty
and press it into the space under the housing.

When the filler have set for a couple of minutes have I run a cotton bud lightly moist in cellulose thinner 
along the seam line and next we have a very nice transition between both the parts.

The look of the Enterprise for the moment.

Okay, all for this part. Maybe not the most exciting work in this part, but it must be done [smile]