Part 12.

I airbrush all the parts with a coat of gloss varnish and start with decals.
First the starboard ship number.

And all the Islands decals in place.

After the decals was it time for some light weathering. I used Flory Models Dark Dirt Wash for this 
and applied it as a pin wash.

Next thing to do was to figure out a way to simulate the lights in the large 65 figures.
I come up with this way [smile] First I cut a thin strip of clear styren and give it a very light coat of Tamiya X-19 Smoke.

When it was dry I cut the strip in a suitable length and glue the small pieces to the center of 
the figures with a small drop Gator Glue.

And done [wink]

Okay, after the Island have got a coat of flat varnish was the next step the bridge windows. 
They seems to have a light greenish tint and to create this have I cut a strip in the right hight for the windows from 
the clear styrene sheet. Next have I airbrush them with a light coat of Tamiya X-25 Clear Green.

Next I cut the clear styrene in the right length and glued them with small amount of Gator Glue over the 
windows openings.

To create the window frames have I airbrush a thin strip of masking tape with the same grey shade as the Island.
I also give it a coat of flat varnish so it will blend in with the rest of the Island.
I think this was the easiest way to create the frames, the alternative way to do it was to mask and paint the frame in,
and that will take forever [biggrin]

Another thing I wanted to recreate was all the wipers on the bridge window.
First I cut small pieces from a thin styrene strip to get the parts for the  wiper motor housing.

And glued them in place at the bottom of the windows with a drop of Gator Glue.

Next problem to solve, how to create the wiper arms? [smile]  I was needing something very thin and T shaped to make 
the arms, and when it suddenly it hit me that I could cut this parts out from some plain railing [biggrin]

And bend them to a wiper arm shape.

Next I carefully glued them in place in each window.

And last have I painted the motor housing and the wipers with a very small brush [wink]

And the finished result.

After the mast was glued in place was it time to start with the rigging. I will use two size of elastic thread.
The 0.03 mm  size is from Uschi van der Rosten and the 0.25 mm is from E Z Line.

 The rigging on the Big E is not so intricate, I start with the signal halyard,

I used the EZ line for the antenna wires.

I used Crystal Clear and glue the US flag on a piece of kitchen foil. This allows me to shape the flag later.

The flag is hoisted [smile]

And when the rigging was done and all the other bits and pieces was in place was the Island finished.

The Island was glued in place on the deck.

I have also done the platform for the Phalanx self defense weapon and glue it in place.

And last a some overview pictures of the Island.

Okay, all for this part, thanks for looking and see you next time [smile]