Part 11.

The parts for the ship’s superstructure or island whatever you want to call it [wink] goes together very well.
I just put a rubber band around the walls to hold the them in place while the glue dries.

When all plastic parts was in place have I start to attach the PE parts. 
As the railing will have the same gray color as the rest of the island have I bend and glued them in place now.

Both the SPS-48 Three Dimensional Radar and the SPS-49 Long Range Antiaircraft Search Radar will be replaced 
with new ones from the White Ensign PE update set.
I started to the build the SPS-49 radar.  Here we have all the parts, you only use the base of the radar 
from the kit.

Some careful folding was done with help of Tamiya’s bending pliers.

and after all the folding is done [smile]

The screen of the SPS-49 radar is curved in both vertical and horizontal direction.
I start with the horizontal curve, I used the backside of a mouse pad and a drill and just roll it over the part,
it’s better to do many light passes over the PE part to get the desired curve.

When I was happy with the horizontal shape was it time for the vertical curve and have I just carefully bend it 
between my fingers.

And the last parts on the SPS-49 is the strengthening cross beams on the backside of the screen.

And the finished SPS-49 radar.

The two radar’s is test fitted on the island. On the lower part of the island can you see the 
Flight Deck Control Station that I have done in styrene as it was missing in the kit. Some of the pipes was replaced 
with help of thin lead wire.

Next I build the main mast. Here is the parts for it, all the kits yardarms will be replaced with PE parts.

I glued all the yardarms underside bracings with thinned Gator glue but any PVA glue will do the job [wink]

And the finished main mast. All the railings on the yardarms is in PE but they have already got a grey primer coat 
earlier when I painted the railings for the ship. The rest of the grey parts is from the kit [smile]

And everything temporary fitted on the island.

And after all the parts have got a coat of Vallejo Polyurethane primer have I airbrushed the island with Tamiya XF-53 
Neutral Grey and the deck area with the dark blue grey mix we have done earlier in the build.

And last in this part have I taken care of some small details, first the mechanical arms for rising and lowering the 
number one and two catapult jet blast shields.

The kit parts was a bit crude and it was also too few of them so I decided to make new in styrene rods and sheet.

The arms on the number one catapult is done first.

When the arms was in place have I applied a pin wash of Flory Models Concrete wash and last a coat of flat varnish was
light airbrushed over the backside of the shields
Here you have the finished look on both blast shields.

I have also build a LSO platform on the port side in the stern of the ship. There is a inward bend in deck for 
it on the kit, but Tamiya has not included any part for it. 
I have done it in styrene and some PE parts from the scrap box. The net for the emergency escape chute is done 
with a piece of nylon cloth.

That was all for this part, see you soon [smile]