Part 10. 

The painting of all the markings on the flight deck his now done,

I airbrush the deck with two coats of gloss varnish and test start the decaling with the big 65 in the bow. Before I do the rest 
of the decals has I paint all the tie down points with help of my Posca pen.

After a couple of hours was all the dots in place [smile]

I bought a new set of decals from Boatswain Model. They look really nice and the main reason I bought them was the 
warning stripes around the lifts. 
They are printed in one piece with all the bends which I thought would be a bit easer to get right than the stripes from 
Gold Medals as they came in a straight line that you have to cut and create all the bends by our self.

The down side of Boatswain Model decals was that they was printed in two parts, first you must lay down a solid white 
decal and next the color one. Not a big problem, but a little more work than I expected when I bought them [wink]
And they was also incredible thin so get a fair chans to get them on the deck without they curl up have I cut them 
in two parts and apply the parts separately

And finally, all the decals in place.

To start the weathering have I airbrush thin coats of Flory Models Wash Concrete and Dark Dirt on to the flight deck.

I have done the weathering around the area with the four catch wires a bit more heavy.

When the flight deck got a coat of flat varnish have I used Mig Pigments for more weathering and also create some 
skid marks from the aircrafts tires.

Next I have glue the PE safety nets in place,

I have also done the rails for the aft sponsons and glued the Sea Sparrow and Phalanx self defense weapons in place.

The bow safety nets and the nets for catching the girdle wire who was used for launching the F-4 Phantom’s 
when they was deployed on board

The kit have not included the six emergency ammo chutes, so I made them from some evergreen styrene.
They will next be painted in Tamiya X-8 Lemmon Yellow. 

I have also painted all the rescue rafts, Tamiya suggest that they shall be painted white but they look more 
of a very light grey color in the pictures I have seen, so that was the color I have used. They have also got a pin wash 
from Flory Models Concrete and a dry brush with Tamiya XF-2 Flat White.

And next was to glue the ammo chutes in place behind the warning marking.

And last have I mounted the four lifts. The number three lift is the only one that I will display in the down position.
They don’t show so well in the picture, but I have done the lift cables on each side of the platform with help of fine size EZ Line.
The PE safety rail on the flight deck that rises when the lift is in the lower position is also glued in placed.

And last on this part we have some overview pictures [wink]

Thanks for looking and see you soon [smile]