Part 22

For the build of the Arado Ar-196 seaplanes will we use some really nice PE parts from the MK1 
update set, most notable is the brand new cockpit from pre-painted PE parts.

All the plastic parts,

and the PE parts.

To fit the new PE cockpit must we cut out the opening in the fuselage,

I drill 0.4mm holes around the area

and just cut the part out.

Next I build the new PE cockpit,

and the finished cockpit, maybe not all the correct colors but I think it will work anyway [wink]

Here we have the cockpit glued into the fuselage.

I wanted one of the planes to have folded wings, so some surgery was necessary,

The folding wings got new ends from PE.

And here is the two planes ready for painting,

I have used Gunze Aqueous paint, H67 RLM65 for the underside and H64 RLM71 and H65 RLM 70
for the upper side camo.

Here have I done the masking for the airbrushing of the RLM 70 Dark Green camo fields,

After a coat of gloss varnish was it time for the decals,

Next step was the weathering, Flory Models Wash works on planes in any scales [wink]

When the planes have got a coat of flat varnish was it time to glazing the canopy frame,

And we have the two finished Arado planes,

Before I place the planes on board the ship have I start with the rigging, I made turnbuckles
for the main mast bracing wires from some brass rod and thread.

I used EZ Line for the bracing wires.

I will use a combination of EZ Line and stretched sprue for the rigging.
Here we have the old man trying to see what he’s doing [wink] [biggrin]

I like to use a hairdryer to make the stretched sprue to tighten, I think I have more control
over the stretching with this way instead of using a soldering iron

I also have prepared the Kreigsmarine flags that I will use, the small flag is not included in the kit
but I have got them from my friend  Jan-Willem Kluën, he has made and printed them [thumb]

For the flags to fall in a natural way have I glued them with PVA glue on a sheet of kitchen aluminum foil.

and the flag is folded and hoisted,

And finally have we mounted the planes on-board Bismarck
The first one is on the catapult

And the second Arado with the folded wings

Okay, that was the end of this part,
 thanks for looking, see you soon [smile]