Part 21

Okay, here we have the parts for one of the 12-ton ship crane.
I think it’s the first time of this build when all the parts only come from the kit and nothing is 
from the Mk1 set [wink]

I want one of the crane arm to rest in its support and to get the right angle on the boom I mounted crane temporarily 
in its place before I glue the boom.

When I was happy with the fit have I glue the boom with Tamiya Thin Cement.

The support cable for the boom was supposed to come from PE parts. these was so incredible thin
and flimsy. I try, but I it was really no chance that I will get them in place and look okay [mad]
I bin them and will replace all the cables with EZ Line later [smile]

Here we have the two cranes ready for some paint,

After a coat of Vallejo Polyurethane primer and a Tamiya XF-69 Nato Black pre-shade 
have I airbrush the cranes with Lifecolor’s DKM 50 Grey.

Next I applied a coat of Johnson Klear and when it was dry have I weathering the cranes with a 
of Flory Models Concrete wash.

When the cranes have got a coat of Vallejo flat varnish was it time for the new cables.
I have used the fine size of EZ Line, this thread 
is really easy to get stretched as it is resilient [wink]

And here we have the two finished cranes.

The starboard crane goes in first,

and in place [smile]

And the port side crane,

And last for this part, a overview of the two cranes,

Okay, all for this part, see you soon with the next part where we will build the Arado AR-196 float-planes [smile]