Part 18 

I start with the four 380mm main gun turrets. Here is the main parts, nice turned barrels and 
resin blast bags from the Mk1 set.

New lifting points will be added from PE parts, so the kits cast points has to be removed

And the new PE parts in place.

The PE work continued with new ladders and all the handrails.

All the PE parts is done.

Last thing to do was to fit the barrels with blast bags on to the turret.

Here you have the four main turrets, Anton,Bruno, Caesar and Dora [wink]

Next to build was the secondary guns, the six 150mm turrets. The main parts laid out.

Two of the 150mm turrets was fitted with optical sights and rangefinders and we have new PE parts for the
protection hatches.

The turrets shall also get new hand grips/steps from PE so the kits cast ones have to be removed.

And the finished result.

When so the barrels and blast bags was fitted have we one finished turret [smile]

Here is all the secondary turrets done.

Last of the armament to do was the 105mm heavy flak guns, here is the parts and the red marked kit barrels 
that will be replaced with new 
brass barrels.

Not much PE parts on these, there was new PE parts for the optical sight hatches, but I don’t think they look any better 
the kit part hatches, so I skip to use them [wink]

And here we have all the eight 105mm turrets.

OK, that was that, now shall I start to paint the turrets but that will be in the next part [smile]