Part 16

In this part have I work on the aft superstructure and with the main mast, so on with the pictures [wink]

There is plenty of the kits original cast parts that has to be removed and be replaced with new PE parts later.

Next I drill out all the portholes and windows.

and I use a needle file to shape the square windows.

All the cast steps was also replaced with tiny PE parts.

The completed aft superstructure with the rangefinder and all the other PE parts in place.

Next to build was the main mast, the mast is all in turned brass and PE parts and it is a total replacement for the kits 
plastic parts. Here you have all the new parts [smile]

After some work the four sections and the platform was done. I choice to solder some of the
beams on to the mast for a better strength. I have also use some of the kit plastic parts, the grey parts, as I feel that 
they look better and more three dimensional than the flat PE parts will do.

And the final result when all the sections was glued together.

The mast temporarily mounted on to the superstructure,

That was all for this time, now shall I take the superstructure apart and move over to the spray-bay
and get some airbrushing done but that will be in the next part [wink]

Thanks for looking and see you soon [smile]