Part 14.

The first thing to do was to remove the molded louver on each side of the stack 
so it can be replaced by a new PE louver.

I use my motor tool with a fine grit grinding ball and set on a medium speed.

And most of it gone,

The new PE louver in place.

The floor on the searchlight platform will be replaced with a new from PE parts, so more cutting [smile]

And finished,

Another of the stack’s platforms was replaced with a new PE build.

I secure all the PE parts with thinned Gator glue that I let flow around all parts.

Next to do was the top of the funnel, all the small vent pipes was not hollow so I was
forced to drill them out.

one small drill and a 
steady hand fix the problem [wink]

and done.

after the drilling was it time to do all the smoke dividers, all parts from PE,

There was a lot of PE parts on the stack and here is one of the handrails put in place.

And finally have we a finished stack, with all the PE parts in place except the railings that I
will glue in place after the stack is painted as I did on the bridge.

Now shall I move over to the spray bay and get some airbrushing done and hopefully will it be shorter to the next part this time [wink]

See you soon [smile]