Okay, time for part 12 of the Bismarck build. It may not seems that it is so much done
but all the small parts really take some time to do  Anyway, here is the new part.

                                              Part 12

The superstructure was disassembled into parts again and all the rest of
the other small parts was done and all ready for a coat primer.

And the parts after the DKM 50 gray paint was done. I have also applied a lighter shade of the DKM 50 to 
break up the monotone look.

The next step was to paint the black and white camo fields. To get the fields to line up with those on the lower
level have I marked out the starting point with a fine pencil.

With the help of the painting guide have I worked upwards on all the parts on the superstructure.

When so everything was marked out was it time to for some masking work.

and when all the parts was done and ready for the first white coat.

I use Tamiya XF-2 Flat White and just leave a soft edge where the black field will be later.

When the white paint was completely dry was it time to start the masking work for the black fields.

and the masking is complete. Let’s get some black paint in the airbrush 

For the black fields have I use Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black.

And here we have the finished paint work, all the parts temporary fit together just so I could see that the
camo fields line up with each other on all the different levels and parts.

Next I have done the foremast, all the parts comes from the MK1 set and is done in PE and turned brass.

I was not impressed with the thin PE part that supposed to hold the cross beam, I was afraid that it maybe can 
be some problems later when the rigging shall be done, So to get some strength on this have I choice to solder
the beam to the mast.

and the finished foremast.

There was also some more AA guns to build, here we have the parts for one of the 4x20mm C/38 Flak gun.
The red marked barrels will be replaced by new made in turned brass.

and done,

And all the tiny the parts for the single 20mm C/30 Flak MG.
There is not much left of the kits original gun, only the breech 

and the finished gun.

And so was all the other small parts done and ready for painting. Here is the two 37mm SK C/30 Flak guns,
the search light and the night rangefinders together with the other guns and small spotlights.

Next will be to give all the parts a coat of gloss varnish and start the weathering work, but that will be in the next part