Part 9.

First to build for the stern deck was the two training guns,

and so the very much debated racks for the depth charges, was they even fitted and if so, when was they removed? 
I must say that I don’t know. I have seen pictures of Bismarck when they not is there, but I have no dates on these 
pictures so it is impossible to tell when in Bismarck’s short service life they have been there. Anyway, 
I will go a middle way, I will have the racks 
but I will leave them empty  

This little guys was missing details on the top, same as that one in the bow, so the nuts & bolt 
assortment was useful again 

I cut out the skylight windows from the PE sheet so it will be easier to paint them.

I started the painting with a coat of Vallejo’s Grey polyurethane primer on the railing sheets.

The Vallejo primer is very close to the lightest shade of DKM50 grey, so I think that 
I will be happy with how they look and save me the work to paint them again 

Okay, time to get the railings in place, first I make a dry fit to see where I shall start
to bend the railing around the hawsepipe.

I use a round bending pliers to get the railing to fit around the hawsepipe.

To glue the railing have I use gel super glue, place a little blob with some space along the railing, 
just enough to tack it down on to the deck.

Next I place the railing on to the hull,

When so all the railing is in place is it time to glue it properly, I like to use Gator Glue but all PVA
glue will work just fine. I thin it with water to a milky consistence.

Next I take a thin brush loaded with glue and let the glue flow along the railing.

The glue will dry totally clear but it can be a bit shiny so I gave it a light dust with a flat varnish.

And here is a close up on the finished bow section.

Next was to place all the now painted and weathered small parts on to the stern deck,
here is the two training guns again,

The small skylights goes in,

and the racks for the depth charges,

And some picture of the finished stern deck and the railings,
the stern anchor with its gear,

a bit of the railing in detail.

And last in this part was it now time to screw the ship on to the base.
It will be near impossible from now to handle the hull when the superstructure
will cover all the remaining holes in the deck. 

And Bismarck in place on the base, I think I will cover the base with some protection, I know how
happy I would be if I spill paint or glue on it 

Part 10

I started this step with the build of the 37mm guns. Here is all the parts for one gun and the 
red marked barrel that shall be removed and replaced with a new in turned brass.

When the original barrel was removed have I drill a 0.4mm hole in the breech ,

and glued the new brass barrel in place.

 the completed gun,

and the final look after paint and weathering.

Next to build was the catapult, I first cut out all the PE parts,

all the parts for the catapult, you only use the hydraulic rod and the cable wheels from the kit.

I first bend the long base part with help of my Etch Mate 3C

Next was to glue all  the support brackets for the hydraulic rod.

When so all the PE parts was bend and temporary glued together with super glue, have I used
thinned Gator glue to secure all the pieces together.

The plastic parts goes in.

For the cables have I used stretched sprue and wind them around the wheels.

One of the catapult finished,

and finished base part and the two catapults ready for some paint.

After the usual primer coat have painted all the parts with Lifecolors DKM 50 Grey

next have give all the parts a coat of clear gloss and the applied a pin wash of Flory Models Concrete wash.

when so the excess wash have been removed have I dry brush the parts with Tamiya XF-2 Flat White

and last have all the parts received a coat of Vallejo’s flat varnish. Now can we start to mount them onto the deck.

I started with the catapult, to guide the base part right have I used two cocktail sticks through the two holes on the part 
and in to the holes on the deck.

I left the cocktail sticks in while the glue dries

Next comes the two catapults,

I have planned to have one of the Arado seaplane on the port catapult,
so I installed the support for the pontoon’s and glued the hatches in place.

The hatches on the starboard side is closed but I glued all the port side hatches separately.

Before I start with the railing have I glued the guns and all the other small parts in place.

The next step was so the railing, this railing have a lot of curves and to make those curves smooth will I use 
the backside of a mouse pad and a drill. It is important that the surface is a little springy 
for this to work.

Start to roll the drill over the railing with a gentle pressure,

and stop when you are happy with the look of the curve.

When I was happy with all the bends and curves have glued the railing down with a couple of dots of super glue.

and in place.

The forward 37mm guns,

and the aft,

Okay, that was all for this part, see you soon