The weathering was straight forward to do, the majority of pictures I looked at show that the British army really looked after their vehicles. So chipping would be kept to a minimum and concentrated on the Fifth Wheel and the rear of the Antar.

The chipping was applied with a small piece of sponge….

First I took the sponge and dipped it into AK interactive Old Rust paint, the paint comes in their Rust colour paint set.

Much like you do when dry brushing, excess paint was dabbed off onto a piece of kitchen roll. I then gently dabbed the sponge onto areas that would get knocked and suffer wear during use.

I then did the same with some of Citadel’s discontinued Chainmail to give depth to the chipping and wear.

In this picture you can make out the chipping on the fifth wheel, on the mud guards and chassis. I aimed to keep the chipping subtle.

For the next stage I wanted to give the Antar a light coating of dirt and dust.  To keep things nice and simple I gave the Antar several coats of Flory Models Grime wash.

Using a large round tip brush, the wash was applied over the top have of the Antar…..

Once the wash was on, I dipped my brush in clean water, dabbed it on a piece of kitchen roll and before the wash was dry I use the brush to move the wash around the raised details.

I was rather pleased with the effect….

I then took some AK Dark steel pigment and applied it to areas that I wanted to have a bare metal appearance. I applied it with a cotton bud, just gently rub it on and keep buffing until your are happy with the effect. The centre of the roller in the next picture show how well it buffs up……

Onto the exhausts, I used a selection of pigments to get a nice rusty effect. 

As you can see in the picture above, I mixed the pigments together on a thin piece of card to get the colour I was after right.

The pigments were applied with a soft brush and then I took some Tamiya thinners and gently applied it over the pigments to hold them in place. Whilst the pigments were still wet I dabbed on a little more pigment here and there, especially black pigment at the top of the exhaust….

All that is left to do now is to add the doors, wing mirros, exhaust covers and the tarpaulin cover over the winch deck.

hope you have enjoyed this update.