PART TWO: Construction of the Trailer

Instead of painting the Antar Tractor unit I moved straight onto the construction of the trailer. 

The trailer that I will be attaching to the Antar is the “Accurate Armour 60 ton Sankey FV3001/3005 semi-trailer”

The trailer does not come with the Antar and is a completely separate kit.

Stage 1…..Preparing the trailer bed.

The trailer bed has been cast one piece…..

Before I could start adding parts to it there were a few things I had to take care of. There were at least 50 small air bubbles that needed filling and I also had to remove various seams.

Most of the tiny air bubbles were filled with Perfect Plastic Putty however for the larger air bubbles I used CA glue to fill them.

Here is an example, with this air bubble the first thing I did was to give it a wipe with Tamiya X20A to remove any mould release agent product that maybe present. This makes sure the CA glue gets the best grip.

Next I filled the hole with CA glue, this was left for a good hour to make sure the glue had cured all the way through.

Whilst that was curing, I turned my attention to the wiring and air lines that run along the length of the trailer. The lines are already moulded on however they don’t look that good….they needed to be replaced.

I have highlighted the lines that need to be removed  with a red marker pen. They go down both sides of the trailer.

It took a few hours to remove all the moulded on lines and then replace them with lead wire. O do think it worth all the effort that I put in and the new lines will look great once they are painted.

In the next update I will start adding all the parts to the trailer.

Thanks for looking [thumb]