Stage 6…..Finishing off the Front

The final stage of this build is to finish up the front end.

89…..Bonnet catches,    91….Wing Mirror post,   99….Bonnet Side   158….Firex Bracket pad

E21….Indicator shroud   E36….Bonnet catches    E39…Firex Frame

The two right hand side sections of the bonnet have been glued in place. I will be keeping the two left hand side sections in the open position.

I have also added the manufacturers emblem on to the front of the radiator cover. With that the main construction phase of the Antar is done.

There is quite a few parts still to be fitted once the painting and weathering is done such as the headlights, fire extinguishers and doors.

I will also be adding a canvas cover over the winch deck.

Here are some of the parts that will  be added later

Now that the Antar Tractor unit is complete, I will be moving on to the construction of the Sankey 60 ton Semi-trailer.

I will then paint and weather both before I move on to the load.