Part 5.  The Rear Section.

I split the construction of the rear into three sub assemblies…….

1.      The Fifth Wheel 
2.      The rear mud guards
3.      The winch deck

It was only when all three sections were built that I added them to the chassis.

The fifth wheel is where the trailer connects to the tractor unit. There are three main sections, the fifth wheel plate, the mid chassis brace and the 5th wheel skid.

The fifth wheel plate(left) is made up of of the following parts……  

 5th wheel mount,  (58) pivot block, (59)bearing,   (60) fifth wheel plate

The mid chassis brace (52) has a fair lead roller added to it(56)

Finally, the fifth wheel skid plate…….

(45) roller retaining bar,  (53) 5th wheel skid,  (56) fairlead rollers and finally (E11) Fairlead wheel handles.

All of the parts were glued together with CA glue, I tried to leave the Fairlead wheels moving where possible however the loose fit meant some had to be glued. This is how they look when assembled….

In order, the fifth wheel plate, the mid chassis brace and the fifth wheel skid

Next I assembled the Rear mud guards. Even though the mud guards come as one large section they proved to be quite fiddly to do.

On the topside of the guards are situated the air and hydraulic unions as well as the electrical connectors for the trailer.

On each mud guard, Accurate Armour had moulded on the various lines that went to the unions and connectors. I wasn’t that happy with how they looked so I replaced them with lead wire. This meant I had to remove the resin lines first by gently scraping them off before I stuck the lead wire in place with CA glue.

Some PE parts were also added. Here is how the mud guards look……

141+142…the mud guards,  E9…hose tidy brackets,   E4…rear wing socket frame

the lead wire will be cut to the right length when I install the mud guards.

Now the winch deck which takes up a large area on the rear of the truck. Here is a picture of the parts  that make up the deck.

long bin lid,   126…short bin lid   127…side spindle  128…winch drum,  130…Drive Box,  131…Drive sprocket,   132…Winch box side frame,  139….Canvas Frame mount

After the addition of several PE tie downs and a coat of Vallejo Bronze Green Primer, the winch deck was done.

Sorry that the pictures are not the best…

Before I installed the winch deck, mud gaurds and fifth wheel I quickly constructed the rope cable feeder.

As each of the three sub assemblies are added to the chassis I would need to feed the winch rope cable through the various sections. It therefore makes sense to assemble the feeder now.

Here is a picture of the parts that make up the feeder….

56….Fairlead Roller,   133…Rope feeder body   134….Rope feeder arm  135…rope feeder bearing

and fully assembled

All of the sub assemblies were then fitted to the chassis, as you can see the brass rope cable that came with the kit was feed through the parts.

In the next update I will finish the construction on the Antar.