Part 4…. The Cab

The first part of the cab build was to clean up the cab floor section (94) and the rear wall (105)……..

As you can see in the picture above, there is a series of xxxxxxx . All along this area there were at least twenty small air bubble holes in the resin from the casting process. Using an old airbrush needle I made sure the holes where fully opened up. I then filled them using Perfect Plastic Putty. Once the putty was dry I gave it a light sand and the problem was solved.

They were more air bubbles on the underside of the cab floor section, some where quite large and were filled wit CA glue.

The rear wall was glued to the floor section, I then added the Dash Panel (107) and the hand throttle (117)…….see below.

Next I added the Hand brake (116)….see below

Next came the gear levers (118) and the gear gate (117)…..

On the outside of the cab, I have installed grab handles next to the doors, marked by 
XX in the picture below. Acurate Armour include brass rod for the handles but I wasn’t happy with how it looked once the rod was bent. Instead I used some florist wire. I repeated this for all the grab handles on the cab.

The cab was now ready for paint, I gave it two light coats of Vallejo Surface Primer UK Bronze green. I used Vallejo Model color Black and read to paint some of the other parts. I also applied the dial decal to the dash….

After the seats were installed I gave the interior a light weathering. I started by adding some chipping and signs of wear to the floor and on a few edges.

for the chipping I first used Citadel Chainmail silver applied with a small piece of sponge. This was gently dabbed on to the floor and some of the edges. Next I applied AK interactive paint AK711 chipping color in exactly the same way. 

To finish I gave the interior a dusty wash. I will more than likely be going back to the weathering at a later stage to blend the dust and grime appearance of the interior and exterior together.

With the lower section complete I moved on to the roof section.

I started by adding various parts to the exterior…..

Windscreen framework,   E37…Roof beacon mount   106…cab roof  112…Hatch cover.

As you can see by the photo the parts have been given a coat of Vallejo’s UK bronze green primer.

On the rear of the cab roof I added some bars across the window. A series of cab window bar brackets( E23) were added first before kit supplied brass rods were threaded through….see below

The windscreens and windows had to be cut from clear acetate sheets that came with the kit. To get a rough shape of the window, masking tape was placed on the inside of the windows and then I took a marker and drew around the shape to make a rough template. The tape was placed over the acetate and the window was cut out.

The windows still required a lot of dry fitting and sanding to get them to fit.

The roof was the joined with the cab floor section, I used thick CA glue to join the two together as this allowed more time to line things up properly. The fit was pretty good.

I then took some Perfect Plastic putty to fill the gaps.

before the putty had chance to dry I took  a Q-tip, slightly wet it and then wiped off the excess filler leaving a very tidy join between the body and the roof. A quick coat of Tamiya Xf-19 was sprayed over the join to confirm this. The windows have been quickly masked to protect them.

Finally the cab was mounted to the chassis…..