The Final Part…..Mud Splatters and the Load

With all the washes on the last task was to apply the mud splatters down the side of the Antar Tractor unit and the trailer.

In a disposable shot glass I added some plaster of paris, around  a heaped teaspoon full. Next I poured in some Flory Models Grime wash, just enough to turn the plaster into a runny “sludge”. Using an old size 3 paintbrush I made sure the plaster and the wash were really mixed together.

I then took the brush out of the sludge mix and held it around 5cm away from the Antar. 

The next step was to take my airbrush and using short bursts I blew the excess “sludge” off the brush so that it splatters on to the side of the Antar. Altering the air pressure determines the size of the splatter pattern.

You have to work fairly quick as the plaster soon starts to set in the shot glass.

Finally, I airbrushed a thin coat of Flory Models grime wash over the Antar where the mud splatters were to blend everything in.

With that the weathering was done.

All transporters need a load and for a change I wanted to put something other than a Main Battle tank on the trailer. After having a look around as to what was available I decided to go with…….

The Chieftain Armoured Recovery Vehicle

I started with a Tamiya Chieftain tank and converted it using Accurate Armour’s Chieftain ARV conversion set.

I then used painted and weathered it using the exact same process, paints and washes as I did on the Transporter.

1/35 Accurate Armour Thornycroft Antar Transporter……Final Reveal

here are the pictures of my completed build of the Accurate Armour Thornycroft Antar transporter, hope you enjoy.