Tamiya 1/350 USS Enterprise

  • USS Enterprise Part 1

    This time will I build the 1/350 scale Tamiya Enterprise aircraft carrier. This kit, as you probably know, has been around 
    for some years now and it is maybe not all up to date by today standards. but we will use a lot of PE parts and build a 
    new hangar deck for it. I will also provide LED lighting in the hangar, and bridge. A new air wing will come from Trumpeter 
    which is superior over the kits aircraft’s. 
    So I think with help of these extra parts we can make a decent model of the Big E [wink]

  • USS Enterprise Part 2

    First thing to take care of was to sanding out some casting marks and the center mold line that
    runs along the bottom of the hull.

  • USS Enterprise Part 3

    Before I work more on the hull have I done the base for the ship. I have used wood from pine and tapered strips 
    in the same fashion as on my other ships. The base will be stained in a mahogany color and have a gloss 
    varnish top finish later.

  • USS Enterprise Part 4

    Before I start with the main hangar walls have I taken care of the stern. The kit stern
    parts lack a bit of details, so I decided to do some scratch building.

  • USS Enterprise Part 5

    Next I glued all the walls in place,

  • USS Enterprise Part 6

    The build continued and I have fitted the various parts on side of the hull,

  • USS Enterprise Part 7

    The flat varnish is airbrushed onto the hull.

  • USS Enterprise Part 8

    All the figures was glued in place the forward hangar looks like this,

  • USS Enterprise Part 9

    Okay, a new part. This time have I work on the flight deck so on with the pictures

  • uss Enterprise Part 10

    The painting of all the markings on the flight deck his now done,


  • uss Enterprise Part 11

    The parts for the ship’s superstructure or island whatever you want to call it 

  • uss Enterprise Part 12

  • uss Enterprise Part 13

  • uss Enterprise Part 14

  • USS Enterprise Part 15