Part 16.
The last stages of the Zero build.

Well guys, it´s about time to sort things out and get the A6M2b Zero finished. We are moving along and get the cowling, propeller, landing gear and other sub assemblies ready.

There are a few pinmarks on the inside of the cowling that need some filler treatment. Don´t think those will be visible if you have the cowlings on all the time. I will have mine partially off or completely off to be able to show all details on the Sakae engine.

The filler job is done and the cowling is ready for the paint job and final weathering.

The propeller and propeller hub. It will be painted with Tamiya X-18 Semi gloss black as base color followed by Alclad II Aluminium color. It will also be painted with Tamiya XF-1 Flat black on the backside of the propeller blades, as a anti glare treatment.

I also decided to replace the rubber tires provided in the kit with weighted resin ones from Mastercasters. 

Here are all parts involved to get a pair of main landing gear. These actually have workable suspension and scissor links too, nice touch but can´t really see the point for it…my Zero will spend most of it´s life in the display cabinet.

Landing gear and gear doors are together and ready for paint. Also seen here is the tail wheel gear and the arrester hook.

The landing gear indicators are glued on to the wing cannon hatches. These are used to verify for the pilot that the landing gear actually is down prior to landing.


The flat black anti glare color is painted on the backside of the propeller blades and then masked off.

The finished propeller and engine cowling. Some weathering are still to come to the cowling.

The tiny wing position lights are painted with Tamiya X-27 Clear red.

The position lights are glued to the wings using Gator glue. This gives us time to move them to the correct location.

The airbrakes are installed and in the down position.

The folded wing tips are on. These are easily changeable for the unfolded wing tips. Also a nice touch from Tamiya.

Both ailerons are on as well. Now we are really close to be finished with this Zero build. Just need to paint and weather the landing gear, the final installment of other small sub assemblies and final weathering touches to the whole aircraft. Stay tuned!

Thanks for looking in!