15th build update of the Pearl Harbor Zero!

So, what have we done now…main paint job are done, the decals is on, Flory Models washes are on and sealed in with a layer of varnish, the Sakae engine is mated to the Zero and small bits and pieces starts to shape up and are finished.

Florys washes is is pretty much the only weathering after the paint job, I have started to add a little paint chippings and more weathering will be done as we go towards the final of this build.

Progress in this update!

When decals where done and sealed in with a coat of varnish I moved on and applied Flory washes. I used the dark wash on all panel lines and rivets and the concrete wash on the cowling flaps. I will use the concrete wash on the rest of the cowling as well.

Flaps, external fueltank, wing tips, all are coming together and being finished now!

So, this is where we stand now. Time to start and work on the landing gear and finish the rest of the engine cowling.

I couldn´t resist to try the folded wing tips and it looks really good. I just wonder why there is just such a small part of the wing that´s actually foldable….not much of space saving I believe!

Thanks for looking in, back another day!