14th build update!

Alright, I missed the deadline for the Tamiya OOB Group build, but here we go again. I have completed the build of the Nakajima Sakae 12 engine. The engine is a model on it´s own with fantastic detail.

I just added some ignition wires to the engine, other than that it´s OOB.

Build progress in this update!

Parts layout of the engine.

Next up was to blend a new color. I mixed it out of XF-12 JN Grey and XF-23 Light Blue and when I got the color ready I called it “IJN engine color”.

Basic detail paint job and assembly of the engine.

I then moved on and detailed the ignition harness with some 0.2mm Lead wire and this is the only scratch building I have done to the engine.

I used a 0.4mm drillbit to make room for two lead wires at each location.

When I got all ignition wires in place, I secured them with a small drop of CA glue.

I painted the ignition harness with Tamiya XF-16 Flat aluminium color and the ignition wires with Citadel Codex grey.

I drilled out the location holes on each cylinder and then it was time to start to attach all wires, 28 wires all in all…making sure that no one of the tiny 0.2mm lead wires snapped.


Finally I got all ignition wires in place.

The engine mount are together and also painted, weathered and ready for the engine.

More detail painting of the engine parts. Exhausts and the rear part of the engine is ready.

I installed the exhausts to the engine…

…and then I applied very thinned Tamiya XF-69 Nato black to resemble the smokey exhaust staining.

The Sakae 12 engine and the engine mount glued together. I must say that there are fantastic fit of all parts so far, this is masterclass in engineering, just amazing!

The engine from the underside with the exhausts.

I decided to use opened cowl flaps on the engine. Those where painted, weathered and glued to the engine frame.

This is what we got a finished Nakajima Sakae 12 engine, waiting to be mated to the Zero.

Thanks for looking in!