13th update on the Zero build!

Many thanks for your nice comments, greatly appreciated as always!

Ok, firstly, I will not make it in time to the deadline in this fantastic GB and that´s a bit of a bummer! The reason for this is that I have not been able to spend that amount of time for modelling since new year as I wanted. 

I can assure you though that this build will continue in the ordinary prop category when the Tamiya GB is closed. I apologies for this!

Oh, I think I start to get the hang of the new Photobucket now, it´s a bit of a learning curve but I start to like it now! So to those of you who still have your doubts about it, just hang in there and don´t give up!

Progress of the build this time!

I got the Hinomarus all done and finished and the Zero is ready for a couple of clear coats and decals.

I measured and cut out the Hinomarus out of kabuki tape and placed the tape Hinomarus on the correct place on the fuselage and wings.

Then I used the circular cut out as a template for the Hinomaru paintmask. 

Then it was time to mask the entire aircraft with tape and kitchen towel, we really don´t want any red color overspray…! I also decided to mask the walkways and fuel caps and spray those too instead of using decals.

I started with a base coat of Tamiya flat white…

…followed by a preshade with Tamiya XF-69 Nato black.

Time for some red color, I used Tamiya XF-7 Flat red and airbrushed it with thin layers until I got the color as I wanted it with the preshading barely visible.


This is what we got when the unmasking was done, a couple of nice looking Hinomarus. I got some small touch up to do but all in all I´m happy with the results.

Thanks for looking in! Back another day with a new update!