11th build update on the A6M2b build!

Very nice comments guys and as always very welcomed!

So, we move along…I have had a little break on this one, but now we are up and running again! I got the base coat and preshading on and also started to sort out all parts for the Sakae engine…phew, there is a lot of parts involved in this engine, almost like a model on it´s own when built up.

William H, here you go, a fresh update dinner for you!

Build progress!

The Sakae engine. I got all parts of the sprues and when laid together it sums up into a impressive piler of parts. Well time to start and clean the parts. The build of this one will appear in a future update.

I used Tamiya X-18 Semi black to paint the glass framing of the canopy and windscreen. This is done to get some internal framing as it will be seen later, to much work to mask the inside and paint it…lazy mans way in some areas.

The engine area was masked off before the base color was airbrushed. I used Tamiya tape and Microscale micro mask to seal the rear part of the Tamiya tape, as there was a gap here and nothing to get the tape to stick on.

There are two sets of wing tips provided in the kit, folded and unfolded. I decided to build them both…then I can play around with them later.

The  unfolded wing tips..

…and the folded ones.

My favorite base color Tamiya XF-19 Sky Grey and the preshading color XF-69 Nato black. As the airframe color is quite light, I opted for the Nato black for preshading, as it´s not to black in color compared to let´s say, the flat black. The Nato black is more towards very dark grey.

The base color XF-19 Sky grey where rubbed with the green Flory Models sanding sponge, just to get a smooth surface to lay down the preshading and later, the rest of the paint job.

Base coat and preshading done on the flaps and ailerons.

Airframe preshading.

The preshading on the airframe is done in an random pattern, I have followed most of the panel lines. The rivet lines where done in an more random style, to break it up a bit.

This will show up quite nice later when the XF-76 IJN grey goes on and together with the postshading and weathering it will (hopefully) gives us a used, but not abused paint job on a carrier based Zero during the Pearl Harbor attack.

12th build update of the “Pearl Harbor” Zero!

Many thanks as always for your nice comments guys, I´m glad you are still with me on this build!

Most of the paint job is done with Tamiya XF-76 IJN Grey and it´s really nice and easy for a chance, as it´s the same color on both sides, top and bottom!

Main color is on with the preshading just visible underneath and I have also done the postshading to the various panels, trying to be as random as possible for great effect. No other weathering effects are done at this stage.

Paint job progress!

The Tamiya XF-76 IJN Grey camouflage color is on. The preshading is just visible underneath the top coat. The key is to airbrush thin coats several times throughout the entire aircraft until the wanted effect is achieved.

Time to do some postshading!

Tamiya XF-76 IJN Grey(main color) and XF-2 Flat white is used to get a lighter shade of the original color. To get a nice looking preshading I try to be as random as possible, so I jump around on the aircraft and do some postshading on a few panels here and a few panels there and always adjusting the amount of color sprayed to get different shades.

Very thinned color is the key here and always check and clean the needle from time to time, we really need the best precision possible. 

It takes some time to do the postshading, so we may have to put some more thinner and also a few drops of white into the mix.

Patience, randomness and thinned color in a lighter shade of the original color, this is the main cornerstones.

The completed postshading. 

There is now other weathering done on the Zero. Still to come is Flory wash, paint chipping, exhaust streaks etc.

Thanks for looking in! I have decided to paint the Hinomaru, the Japanese red roundels, instead of using the decals. More of this in the up coming update!