9th build update on the Zero!

Well, it´s been a while since the last update, but here we go again! I have worked on the fuselage around the cockpit and finished this area in order to get to cockpit itself installed prior to join the fuselage with the main wing.

My build progress!

I finished off the detail painting down below/behind the cockpit, some slight weathering was done as well. This area will not be that visible later when the cockpit is installed, so therefore i will not go to town with the weathering.

I also installed the metal rods at this stage, they are there to hold the flaps. I used CA glue to secure them and they will also be locked between the wing halves.

I masked off the area behind the cockpit, underneath the glass work and also the area around the guns was masked off. I will paint and weathering those areas first and masked them off before main paint job starts.

Here we have the reason why I will paint the area in the nose first. When the cockpit is in place the machine gun barrels will protrude through the gun ports and will make it more difficult to paint and since the guns already have been painted and finished, I thought this was a nice move!

Some small amount of preshading was done here and it´s time to spray XF-71 Cockpit Green and XF-76 Grey Green (IJN).

The paint session is done and I did a little subtle postshading before spraying some satin varnish on to protect the paint. Then I applied Flory Models Dark wash to get some depth to it.

Then it was time to get the cockpit into the fuselage! Feels great to achieve some nice progress, one more step done to join the fuselage and wings together.

Everything just falls together with this kit! Cockpit in place and here is how it turned out! I´m super happy with the result.

A view from the front. The rear firewall in the engine room with the fuselage fueltank.

Finally, a huge leap forward…we got the main wing and fuselage together.It went on without any problems at all!

10th build update on the Pearl Harbor Zero!

Many thanks for all nice comments! I´m happy that you are still with me on this one!

Things are moving along according to plan, a bit slow, but we are doing progress. I have finished off the cockpit canopy, windscreen and the glassing part behind the pilot and I also have sorted out the flaps and ailerons.

Btw: I have used both black and blue backgrounds for my photos, I really can´t decide if I will change yet. I have almost always used blue…about the black, does it give a to hard contrast to the grey plastic? Your thoughts guys? Black or blue? 

Progress made this time!

Ailerons. There are a steel rod and a few PE parts to use when building the ailerons. The PE parts acts as hinges.

I have read that this will not work properly as both ailerons have a tendency to hang down equally on both sides, and that´s impossible on the real aircraft, unless some of the wires have been cut off! We will see later during the build how it will work…a little drop of CA glue should do the trick otherwise.

Both flaps. There are a few PE part in here too, they clamp around a steel rod and I will have those in the dropped position. 

The ailerons and flaps will be painted separately and attached later towards the end of this build.

The green house of the zero. Canopy, windscreen and the glassing behind the cockpit are amazingly clear, fantastic stuff. 

Tamiya provide kabuki masking for the clear parts, surprisingly they are not precutted as most other brands provide. A new really sharp blade and we have to cut them out our self, one by one…works fine though!

A while later and we are ready with the masking session!

All clear parts are on, windscreen and the rear glassing. I will leave the center part off during painting and just mask off the interior with Tamiya tape.

This is a new one, the canopy actually works!!! It fits like a glove and can be slided back and forth, just like the real thing! I can´t wait to build the new Spitfires and Mustangs from Tamiya. This A6m2b Zero have a few year on the neck now and things can only be better, right?

Ok guys, we are ready to start the paint stage! I just need to mask off the engine area and the front part of the nose, around the machineguns.

Thanks for looking in! Back soon with a new update.