7th build update!
(2nd part of the cockpit build and it´s final completion!)

Ok, the kit provided harness and seatbelt are all sorted out and finished! I also got the rear bulkhead attached to the rest of the cockpit construction.

A6M2b build progress of today!

The PE parts and the seatbelts/harness sheet. The seatbelts and harness is made of some sort of a sticker, very shiny so they need to be weathered and toned down a bit.

DSC_0422.jpg DSC_0422

Seatbelts and harness all done! They went together really nice.

CSC_0426.jpg CSC_0426

I used a little Aizu tape on the backside to secure the ends. I also painted them with Tamiya flat earth (not shown though).

CSC_0426.jpg CSC_0426

Just a pic to show the inside of cockpit before the rear bulkhead with the pilot seat is installed.

CSC_0460.jpg CSC_0460

Ok, here we got the finished seatbelts and harness where they belong- to the pilots seat. They are weathered with amber oil color and a subtle drybrushing, using Citadel fortress grey. I also painted the buckles with Citadel mithril silver.

CSC_0454.jpg CSC_0454

CSC_0454.jpg CSC_0454

Ok, the cockpit interior construction is now finished and I can move on with the construction of the main wings.

CSC_0477.jpg CSC_0477

CSC_0477.jpg CSC_0477

CSC_0469.jpg CSC_0469

CSC_0469.jpg CSC_0469

CSC_0469.jpg CSC_0469

CSC_0465.jpg CSC_0465

CSC_0479.jpg CSC_0479

CSC_0463.jpg CSC_0463

8th build update!

Many, many thanks for your nice comments! I´m really happy that you like the build so far!

So, the build moves on! After the cockpit is done and finished, I started the construction of main wing, wheelbay, the 20mm type 99 wing cannon and some of the gear doors!

Progress on the Zero build!

Started out with some filler job on wing parts and wheelbay. Some will be visible, some will not! Better safe than sorry though!

After the filler session was done, I moved on with the assembly of the air scoop and oil cooler assembly. Tamiya wants you to paint the area behind the oil cooler with Aotake interior color and XF-16 flat aluminium…

…but once built up, it will not be visible anyway!

I also started to assemble the inner gear doors.

I sprayed all areas that are visible, such as the interior of wing tip fold, underneath the cockpit, gun bays and the lower part of engine room. The home made mix of Aotake interior color was used again.

When the paint was fully dried I masked it all off. I will black off all other areas later as there will be some open parts on the wings and I want it to be dark instead of bare plastic.

I wanted to try something new and paint and finish the area around the wheelbay and the wheelbay itself for easier masking before main paint job of the airframe starts. I read about this in a model magazine sometime ago and thought I would give it a try to see how it goes.

Decided on a demarcation line and masked it off.

I did some preshading before the XF-76 Gray Green IJN goes on.

Paint job on the area around the wheelbay, the wheelbays and the inner gear doors are all done!


I got the 20mm Type 99 wing cannon together…

I did a test fit of the wing cannons before I painted them. Also visible here are the areas with the Aotake interior color as well as the blacked of areas. I used XF-69 Nato black for that.

The flap shaft was also installed and secured with CA glue.

Both wing cannons are painted. Honestly, the part of the cannon that will be most visible is the barrel…the rest will not, Well, always take the opportunity to practice paint job and weathering techniques!

The Type 99 cannons installed in the wings and as can be seen the wheelbays as well.

The wheelbays are installed as well as inner and outer gear doors! Besides the paint job with preshading and a subtle postshading(as this is the underside), there are only basic weathering done at this stage as I want to get it all under the same hue once the rest of the Zero are painted.


If anyone wonders about the gear doors, they must be installed at this stage as the metal parts on the gear doors are squeezed between the wheelbay part and the lower wing half. On the other side… they are fully workable and can be shut before masking and paint job! I love Tamiya!

I will not attach the metal part of the gear door to the landing gear cover arm at this stage. It will be done in the final session of this build.

Upper wing halves are glued on to the lower wing. The lower forward part of the engine room got some more Aotake color on! The green squares are painted in the cockpit interior color XF-71, as this area are visible through the cockpit floor. The rest are blacked off.

Also of note are whats left and visible of the wing cannons…the barrels!

I got curious on how the cockpit assembly would fit…perfect, just perfect! No misalignment on the location points whatsoever!

Thanks for looking in! Back with a new update another day!