5th build update!

Many thanks guys for your positive feedback, very much appreciated!

Well, been away from the modelling bench for a week now due to other commitments, but here we go again!

Work with the cockpit continues. It´s a rather complicated cockpit with a lot of parts, but it´s fantastic to work with. I got the front bulkhead, fuel tank, oil tank and the Type 97 machine guns with the ammo boxes all sorted.


The elevators and rudder are real nice, firm and with a sort of built in “resistant” feeling, they stay in position. Hope this answer your question mate and sorry for not reply sooner!

Build progress of the “Zeke”.

The assembled Type 97 machine gun, the are in the metallic sort of plastic, strange since you are going to paint them anyway…at least that´s what I always do.

Well, they are ready for some paint.

CSC_0399.jpg CSC_0399

The fuel tank, front bulkhead and oil tank painted and weathered.

CSC_0403.jpg CSC_0403

Oil tank glued to the forward part of the front bulkhead.

CSC_0405.jpg CSC_0405

The fuel tank in place on the rear of the bulkhead.

CSC_0407.jpg CSC_0407

The Type 97 machine gun got some paint on and the assembled with the ammo box unit, it also have a chute for spent cartridge.

CSC_0411.jpg CSC_0411

CSC_0409.jpg CSC_0409

So, we got the oil tank, bulkhead, oil tank, ammo boxes and the machine guns together as a sub assembly ready to go in with the rest of the cockpit once it´s finished!

DSC_0418.jpg DSC_0418

CSC_0415.jpg CSC_0415

CSC_0417.jpg CSC_0417

CSC_0417.jpg CSC_0417


6th build update!
(1st part of the cockpit paint job and assembly!)

Many thanks for the positive feedback as always guys!

So, the build continues…I really love this kit, really amazing engineering from Tamiya and I can´t wait to try out one of the newer ones like the P-51D!

Anyway, I got most of the paint job and weathering of the cockpit done and also started to build it together as a complete unit. All there is left to do is finish the harness and seatbelt and give them some weathering before installment to the seat, therefore the subtitle above!

I can´t believe how hard it is to do an OOB build and restrain myself from not starting to scratch build and add cables and hoses etc…no scratching…no scratching!

Progress made in this update….

Detail paint job and some subtle weathering on the cockpit sidewalls and they are good to go.

DSC_0430.jpg DSC_0430

Cockpit floor and the rear part of the bulkhead behind the pilot. The Aotake color are on and the oxygen bottles got some paint on. Most of this will not be visible later….anyway… I know it´s there!

DSC_0428.jpg DSC_0428

Forward facing part of the bulkhead with the pilot seat and the cockpit floor.
DSC_0427.jpg DSC_0427

Cockpit floor and both cockpit sidewalls.

DSC_0429.jpg DSC_0429

Cockpit floor and the right hand sidewall, just a dry run before any glue comes near…
 CSC_0432.jpg CSC_0432

…and the lefthand sidewall.
CSC_0434.jpg CSC_0434

The instrument panel. I really like it, lots of great detail and perfectly clear parts too!

CSC_0438.jpg CSC_0438

The cockpit floor, both sidewalls and the instrument panel, all glued together with the perfect fit of parts, as expected from Tamiya!

CSC_0443.jpg CSC_0443

CSC_0443.jpg CSC_0443

So far so good… here are some pics of the cockpit together with the oil tank, bulkead, fuel tank and the Type 97 machinegun assembly.

They are now permanently glued together, ready for the next phase in the build sequence.

 CSC_0445.jpg CSC_0445

CSC_0445.jpg CSC_0445

CSC_0445.jpg CSC_0445

Thanks for looking in! I will sort out the harness and seatbelts and attach those to the seat and then post some pics of the completed cockpit… at last!