Part 17.

                        The final bits and pieces before the A6M2b Zero is finished.

Ok…last update of the Tamiya 1/32 Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero, flown by Lt. Fusata Lida during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

I have finished the landing gear and gear doors and also started to put on some of all sub assemblies. Started with the final weathering as well. I will not bore you all with that now, just a few pics and save the rest for the final reveal of the Zero.

Main landing gear and tailwheel gear.

The sooty look on the lower part of the gear doors are from the engine exhaust, there are a photo of the gear doors closed further down in this update.

Engine exhaust streaks in the making, will apply a few more shades to it before it´s ready.

The upper cowling half in place as well as the propeller. I will have cowlings and all other engine cover loose, so they can be removed to reveal the Nakajima Sakae engine underneath.

A photo without the cowling.

Thanks for looking in and many thanks to all of you who have watched the build, I hope you enjoyed it! See you in the next 1/32 scale build…got one in the pipeline!