Tamiya 1/32 Zero

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt1

    Tamiya 1/32 Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero fighter.

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt2

    1st part of the cockpit paint job and assembly!

    CSC_0445.jpg CSC_0445

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt3

    (2nd part of the cockpit build and it´s final completion!)
  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt4

    I finished off the detail painting down below/behind the cockpit, some slight weathering was done as well. This area will not be that visible later when the cockpit is installed, so therefore i will not go to town with the weathering.

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt5

    So, we move along…I have had a little break on this one, but now we are up and running again! I got the base coat and preshading on and also started to sort out all parts for the Sakae engine…phew, there is a lot of parts involved in this engine, almost like a model on it´s own when built up.

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt6

    Jonas works his way through the markings

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt7

    Alright, I missed the deadline for the Tamiya OOB Group build, but here we go again. I have completed the build of the Nakajima Sakae 12 engine. The engine is a model on it´s own with fantastic detail.

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt8

    So, what have we done now…main paint job are done, the decals is on, Flory Models washes are on and sealed in with a layer of varnish, the Sakae engine is mated to the Zero and small bits and pieces starts to shape up and are finished.

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt9

    The last stages of the Zero build.

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt10

  • Tamiya 1/32 Zero pt11