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RAF Valley Visit 2014


On the 1st May 2014 Flory models was invited to spend the day at RAF valley in Wales.

After a very nice coffee in the stations Star bucks it was of to the Media and Communications flight for a briefing by Squadron Leader Dave Williams about the day to day running of the station and the different Squadrons and there roles.

After that it was straight over to the survival equipment area to be shown everything and how it works form the parachutes being packed to all the flight and environmental equipment used by the crews along with there survival gear and how it’s used.

Next off to get hands on with the T.1 Hawks.
Here we split up to be shown around by Ian, Neil and Bob

Next off to the new T.2 Hawk facility
Wow!! very hi tech!!

We then spent some time with IV(R) SQN in their control room seeing the crew planing sorties and the ground crews turning around jets ready for the next flight.

Next up was a trip around to see the guys who make it all work behind the scenes from changing tyres, breaks, hydraulics to the very Hi tech equipment used to check the Rolls Royce engines and keep them at peak performance.

All in all an amazing day and fantastic to get up close and personal with not only the aircraft be the guys who fly them and maintain them 
Their pride and dedication to there work shines through !!

Thanks must go to Ian Blackie for arranging the visit and setting everything up!!
also to Neil Stait 208SQN and his lovely wife for the cakes Nom Nom !!
Bob with the T.1s a guy who you could chat to for hours!!