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Miklos Butte (Narn's) - 1/48 Eduard P-39Q + diorama

This is perhpas not my all time favorite airplane, but it's very famous.

I have not decided yet which sheme I'm going to choose, but the Russian one with cards looks better than others.

I started the construction with the cockpit.

Finished cockpit (some small elements are still missing.

The next step is fixing the canopy. The fit is not the best, it's a little gap.

Drilled out the intakes next to the doors and on the top of the nose for guns.

Masks are placed and I've applied the first layer of Mr Surfacer.

With some Surfacer I've fixed the problematic areas too.

Tried something new on the preshading.

I tried a kind of color modulation on different panels but they are not enough strong under this color.

So the next step going to be a kind of posthandig, post coloration of those panels.

I finished the airplane's painting. Some places are too bright or dark, but will be better later, after some filters, touches.

The rig is from a Czech company, bought in April in a Hungarian contest. Try on the site.

Decals are on. I spent few hours placing all those small stencils, but now it looks much better with them.

Drilled out the engine exhausts and the main gun and added a small tube inside.

Now it looks like a real weapon.

Here are some pictures about finished airplane with figures and a jeep.