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Tom Sunley


Had a go at building the Hasegawa F-1 of the JASDF. Turned out to be a most enjoyable build with no great problems at all. In fact it built up rather quickly from the start!

Build info:

  • Kit manufacture: Hasegawa 09721
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Type: Mitsubishi F-1 6Sqn ACM Special
  • Extras used: None
  • Paints and colours used: Mr Hobby H315, H319, H320 and H321


Starting with the box and sprue shots.

And the decal sheet (which covers loads of aircraft!)

Cockpit was pretty basic but won't be seen much inside the canopy so just went with the kit one.

Fuselage joined.

And wing on. No gaps to fill on wing either which was a boost.

Got most of the lumps n bumps on and then primed and pre-shaded. All ready for some camo work.


My favourite part of a build. Got the majority of the paintwork done. Just the detail painting to do really then on to decaling and wash/weathering.

Masked up the underside for the camo painting

Got the tan colour on

First green on

Second green on and camo done

Tail planes detailed up

Masking done for slat painting

Slats painted

Got the metal areas at the engines and gun port painted as well as the anti dazzle area in front of wind screen.

Masked up the engine area for painting

All painted and burner cans fitted.

Masked up for the intake anti ice areas.

Masked up the gun port.

Overhead view

And some odds n sods

Decals were then applied.

Got the wash on and back off and got her up on her legs.

Wash on.

Wash off.

Gear washed.

And up on her legs.

And there you have it, Hasegawa’s Mitsubishi F-1