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I have chosen to build OOB 1/72 Italeri kit of the N.A B-25H Mitchell.
Markings will be of aircraft number 6 (out of 12) from 1st Air Commando Group based in Burma 1943.

  • Italeri 1/72 B-25H Mitchell Gunship

Paints used:
  • Tamiya XF19
  • Tamiya XF49
  • Tamiya XF1
  • Tamiya XF2
  • Tamiya X11
  • Tamiya XF56
  • Tamiya XF3
  • Tamiya XF51
  • Vallejo Model Air 71043
Wash given to topside with Promodeller Light Dirt
Wash given to underside with Promodeller Dark Dirt

Paint chipping created using the salt method.

Kit built out of the box with no aftermarket parts.
A little history......

Group Insignia:

Pilots of the First Air Commando Group pose with one of the Group's North American B-25H Mitchell bombers in Burma.

The leadership of the First Air Commando Group, seen at a Burmese airfield in 1943.   From left to right, Grattan "Grant" Mahony, Robert T. "R.T." Smith, Philip G. Cochran, Robert L. Petit, Walter V. Radovich, Arvid E. Olsen and John R. Alison.  Cochran and Alison were the Group's co-commanders, Olsen served as the Group's Operations Officer, Mahony commanded the Group's P-51A fighter section with Petit serving as his deputy and Smith served as the commander of the Group's B-25H bomber section with Radovich serving as his deputy.

Co-pilots controls removed - the 'H' series rolled out of the factory with only pilots controls.

An original B-25H cockpit layout.
What distinguished the H series from all other B-25s was the lack of factory installed dual controls for a co-pilot. This was a very controversial design desision made by the higher brass in the War Department, right up to General "Hap" Arnold himself, chief of the Army Air Force, which was another reason why the combat folks didn't particularly like the H model. In place of the co-pilot was a jump seat intended to be used by the navigator, but in reality often used by a second pilot, as the 100th BS and other groups in the Pacific still flew with a co-pilot who traded places with the pilot on long flights. Dual controls were added back to the production J and later types, but apparently many H's were also field and depot modified to include dual controls.

Interior, cockpit and a few other parts painted.

A little dry brushing.....

Some more parts fitted, and wash given to cockpit.

Engines assembled, painted and given a wash.

Fuselage re-scribed (kit has raised panel lines)

Fuselage halves joined.

Engines joined to cowlings and tail plane assembled and re-scribed.

So far it's been a pig of a kit........thank god for Mr Surfacer

The nose is finally on with 18grams of ballast

All clear parts have now been masked up.........This was a pain, as I could almost not see the frame work on them to cut the masking tape!

Almost ready for paint now  Just have to finish some sanding and attach the clear parts.
Wings now attached!

Just need to fill the wing joins, give a final light sand of the small blemishes and attach the clear parts

Then the primer coat 

All prep now finished, clear parts attached and engines covered.

Now I can start with the colour 

Mitchell primed in silver in readyness for paint chipping....

Salt applied to the Mitchell......

Pre-shading complete.....

Finally got the colour down today. Tamiya XF19 for the underside and Vallejo 71043 for the upper surfaces. 
Also gave an impression of paint touch up during service on the underside, I think it looks quite good.
I'm quite happy with the post shading too, should really come alive after the salt is removed and further weathering added.

Added some exhaust staining tonight, also gave it a light dust with Khaki to give off a more dirty tone to break up the green.

Salt removed.......I wasn't too sure at first, but for my first time I'm happy with the result. Hell these things were battered a lot more in real life than my weathering probably suggests anyway 

Masks removed

Some weathering.

Just added the 1ACG markings tonight, just need to tone them down a bit as the white is a little in your face at the moment.....

Next up should be a coat of Klear, and then i'll add the decals......

masked up ready.....

1ACG markings applied.....

Klear coat now on, decals applied, wheels and props painted.
Also attached the side pack machine guns and finished off the rear gunners position.

Almost there now  

Flat coat applied and wash given.

Light dirt for top side, dark dirt for under side

Machine guns also added to the nose.

Finished at last 

Was a nightmare fit, but I came through the pain.

I'm well chuffed with it, the pics really don't do it justice.
The salt method worked great, and being a Pacific bird I could really go to town with the weathering and shading.

Their really is no right or wrong when dealing with subjects like this as they are all completely different.

I need to find myself a nice relaxing build now, so off to the Mossie SIG build I go with a Tamiya offering 

Sorry for the crap pics.......

This had been sitting in my stash for a number of years and this group build was a great chance to make it.

I would say though that their are probably a couple of easier to build boxings on the market which I would imagine have a much better fit and accuracy, for instance the Hasegawa kit. It's in a completely different price range from this one, but like most Hasegawa offerings it'll be worth it.

Nonetheless, after struggling through the pain barrier with this one it came good in the end.