How to make a wet pallete

By Rob Fitzgerald

A what ?

If you brush paint acrylics you will hopefully NOT be using the paint straight out of the pot but mixing it on a palette of some kind with a little water. You can use a proper artists jobby or just a ceramic tile or like Phil does the bottom of a Tamiya glass bottle.

The problem is it dries incredibly quickly and it can be a real problem. Also if you have mixed something up for shading or a highlight it might not be easy to knock a little bit more up if it dries to quick on you.

A wet palette cures all that and although not expensive it's stupidly easy to make one ...

First up you need a waterproof container - something shallow. I found this nice one in my local supermarket but a margerine tub would work just as well.

Next you need some of those foam cleaning clothes - these are the things you use for cleaning kitchen work tops with - just cut it to size

Now you need some greaseproof or baking paper - big rolls for cheap in the supermarket in the baking section - of course cut it to size but make some spares while you are at it,

Now soak the sponge and when its fully soaked wring it out so it's still wet but when you hold it up water doesn't really drip out. Soak the paper in really hot water, nearly boiling and the carefully wring it out and bung that on top of the sponge

You can buy them but I actually found that the baking paper works better than the expensive paper sold for these - here is my big one.

I grabbed this to take a picture for you guys and this paint has sat in there for a week - it's seperated out but still damp - a quick mix with an old brush and it's ready to use again if I want.

When it's all full of paint you don't want any more just soak another paper to replace the old one you just threw in the bin.

Have a go at making one - I am pretty sure you won't regret it.

Rob Fitzgerald