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 Fantastic Step by Step Photo build of Dean whitmire's great 32 ford

Taped the major parts together to get a look at it to get the creative juices flowing.

Chopped the frame to lower it.

Added some card stock to the rear half to give it a little strength.

Cut the frame rails up front and swept them up.  Got the wheels from the 1950 F150 P/U kit.

In order to drop it over the frame this is what I came up with for a way to secure the body to the frame when it is time to mount it. 

Glued some plastic square rod to the frame.  When placed the body onto the frame you can glue the body to the blocks.

Glued some plastic card on the frame to create a new floor board. 
Still needs to be cut to size.

Inner door frames construction.   They are not accurate by any means but this build is more about learning than being accurate. 

Next problem; the rear end was not long enough after I Z'd the frame and dropped the body. 

The wheels seem to hit the fenders,  cut the axles and lengthened them. 

Didn't like the look of the air bags that were on it so removed them and modified the springs from another kit.  

Next chopped the top.

Found this cool front end fairing from the 29 ford p/u kit and thought it would be cool on this kit.

Cut out the grill part to and some real screen to dress it up. 

Progress on chopping the top on this one.  Some plastic card glued in place to take up the space and now I just have to sand and mybe do a little bit off

A set of seats from a harley davidson Ford Panel truck kit.

Gas tank modification.
Took the two halves and I glue them to the frame on the top and bottom
to make it look like it is all one piece.

Motor selection:
Found a Ford Flathead that is in a 50 Ford p/u kit 

Working on getting the roof back together. 
Sanded it down and they added some home made Mr Surfacer to fill any small gaps and such.

After I got the motor halves put together I needed to se how it would fit. 

It didn't like using the stock mounts that were on the frame so I cut them off figured out where then needed to go then took some square tubing and cut one side off and glued them in place. 

Now all I have to do is drill the mounting holes.


Cleaning things up to get ready for paint.

Here is what I did with the grill and nose piece. 

As you saw earlier in this thread I cut out the center section and this is what I did with it. 

Added some square stock under the seats to bring them up a little.

Cleaning up the the roof that I chopped.  Still got some little bits to fix.

Stripped the chrome off of all the parts and got them primed up so now it is time to give them a metallic finish.

Going with a red motor only because it is going to go with my color scheme you will see coming soon. 

Made some progress on the motor.  I have it mostly painted up, I ran the wires and now I need to do a little touch ups and then I can dirty it up a little bit and glue on the velocity stacks I made from some brass tube.  I also made an engine stand but don't laugh it was really late when I quick through it together.


Added some squre stock to the front of the frame so the radiator would clear the fan. 

Most of the frame cleaned up and added a fuel line. 

Will finish hooking up the fuel like when I paint the frame and install the motor

Moved the fire wall back.

re-route the radiator hoses so this is what I came up with.  They look off in this pic but they are quite close


Majority of the chassis is done. 

just have to give it a wash to dirty it up a little bit.  I used cut down toothpaste caps to simulate the brake drums.  They could be better but I am just playing around on this one.

Painted this one to look simular to a WWII aircraft.  The frame is neutral grey and the body color is olive drab.

Motor installed and just have a few little things to finish.


I have the body in the decal shop right now so no pics of that but I got all the other stuff pretty much done. 


I am having a go at building my own headers.  they came out pretty good but I still need to paint them up.


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