Step 5 - Assembling the Tail and Mounting the Engine

The tail assembly begins with putting together the aft section of the fuselage.

Additional ribs and formers are added.

To assemble the horizontal stabilizer, I found that pressing the spars into a piece of foam allowed me to easily drop the ribs into place.

The elevators start as a flat piece of PE.

The ribs are twisted into place rather than having to glue in a bunch of separate small pieces.

White metal parts are used to hold the elevator in place on the horizontal stabilizer and are also used for the trim tabs.

Next, the horizontal stabilizer is attached to aft fuselage. Slots and pins line everything up. 

Putting together the vertical stabilizer .

Next comes the rudder.

Again, white metal parts hold the pieces together and add the trim tab.

The tail wheel strut is put together and glued into place. The kit also includes separate parts if you want to build the gear in the retracted position.

On to mounting the engine. detailed photoetch is glued onto both side of white metal parts to make a nice strong engine mount.

Here is the engine mount all assembled and painted interior green (Mr Color C351). Again, I am matching how I painted my Tamiya P-51 build.

Next, the engine gets glued to the mount.

The engine and mount get glued to the firewall. Formers for the engine compartment and the coolant tank are put together anrd ready to be attached.

Here they are in place.

Time for more plumbing to be installed forward of the firewall and under the engine.

The exhaust stacks and manifold pieces were drilled out to enhance their look. Also the rest of the engine cover mounting pieces are added.

Final step for this update is attaching the large white metal part which is the airduct for the supercharger. Covers up a lot of the plumbing I just put in  

Next update is the final assembly and finished photos.  Stay turned!