Part 3 - Finishing the Wing

The instructions next call for the assembly of the landing gear. The kit offers parts to allow the gear to be displayed up or down. I will be building the gear down version.

I was hoping to find a way to delay the gear installation until after the wings are joined to the fuselage to allow me more flexibility in making sure everything lined up correctly. But there are pieces that have to be in place prior so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything lines up properly in the end.

It is very difficult to remove seams from white metal without covering them with filler and paint. So the best I could do was to sand the join area as flat as possible. Here is a before and after photo.

The skinny sanding and polishing sticks really come in handy to get into all the tiny areas!

After the gear is glued in place, the hydraulic actuators are glued to the spar and then leading edge of the wing root has to be assembled. 

Now it was time to join the wing halves together! I was concerned about how hard it was going to be to hold the parts in place at the right angle while the CA dries.

Turns out their great engineering made it very simple. A simple piece on the front spar and the rear spar fit quite nicely into the slots and held everything perfectly in place. I’ve had plastic models be much more difficult than this to assemble!

In these photos, I’ve already attached the two ribs that run down the center joint.

Next, I painted the fuel tanks Zinc Chromate Primer yellow (or yuck yellow ) and attempted to polish up the white metal parts. There are blemishes in the white metal that I just simply couldn’t remove. I was afraid of sanding too deep and destroying detail so I accepted the less than flawless look. 

The photos below show some sanding marks that can’t really be seen with the naked eye, so I didn’t have to worry about those.

The kit includes aluminum tubing and a sheet of shiny metal film in order to make the machine guns.

I have to say, I am not very happy with the way they look.

Since you will see the entire barrel in the open wing, now was the perfect time to use the Master .50 caliber brass barrels!

Here you can see the difference between the two!

I cut some brass spacers to make sure all the barrel lengths would line up properly and decided that since the body of the gun was black, I would also have the barrels black.

Since painting the barrels might fill up the very fine cooling holes, I decided to use the Blackening Agent to etch the brass barrels.

This in after about 5 minutes of soaking!

Still a bit of brass shining through even after a second soak. But I can live with it!

I think it was well worth the trouble and expense of installing these. They look soooo much nicer!

The last part of the wing assembly has you installing the top pieces over the ribs. The slots and glue tabs really helped everything line up nicely. It did take a few clamps in certain places to make everything conform to the curve of the upper leading edge ribs.

Here are some photos of the finished wing! (I use the plastic box to hold the wing and protect the gear doors)

I’ve decided to save cleaning off the excess CA until I am finished. I have knocked several things loose as I handle the model during assembly and get tired of cleaning it up over and over  .

The cockpit build starts in the next update!  Thanks for looking!