Shelby Cobra Exhaust tip

By Dave Beswitherick





 Ok, so it was time to do up the exhausts, and the Cobra has a very distinct header array that really

completes the cars overall shape and style.


This is what came with the kit:

  NASTY! this is just not an option for me so, I read a tutorial in a magazine a while back on how to
 make custom exhaust pipes for the Cobra. I’m not going to do it exactly the same way as it involves 
 materials I can’t seem to find, and it also involved soldering which I’m not really set up for.

This is my version of this method, and here’s a shot of the materials chosen.

-14 gauge copper wire(12g. would be better)
- 4.75mm aluminum tube
- 3.75mm aluminum tube
- 3 mm solder
- Thick consistancy CA glue

First, I cut the wire into 4x 4” lengths

Then taped them together nice and tight because I’m going to bend them 90 degrees.

Then I let the CA’s capillery action soak into the wires.

  Outer tube cut 1” and cleaned up, all the measurements were taken from the kits pipes.

Next I will have to bend the inner pipe, I use these bending coils from K&S they work great.

  Pipes are now all cut and cleaned up time to assemble:

 I just used CA to assemble everything.

 I drilled some locating pins (brass rod) so I can mount the unit.

 And that’s really all there is to it, I finished off the copper parts by polishing the copper and 
spraying with Alclad II Chrome. The aluminum is polishable.

 I then hit it with some Citidel sepia from the airbrush to simulate heat crazing and this is the
 final result:

  Each pipe took about 20 minutes to create and achieved a fairly good representation 
  of this exhaust system when compared to the kit option. 

  And no blow torch and hot solder nonsense