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Will be building a 1/43 scale Caterham by K&R Replicas. It is a metal kit and I will also be using some photo etched along with other aftermarket products. Will also be looking at creating own paint scheme and decals.
1/43 metal Caterham from H&R Replicas with aftermarket seats, dials, steering wheel, and suspension. I made the roll cage, fire extinguisher, exhaust.
Painted with Zero Paints Brilliant White, Tamiya Red, Model Air Orange. Also use some Games Workshop and other Tamiya paints for details.
Figures painted using Vallejo, Tamiya, and Andrea paints.
Washes ProModeller dark wash.
Except for the Avon transfers on the wheels made the other decals and printed on inkjet printer.
Was fun building for first build after many years, not as complicated as others but need to start somewhere. Only upwards from now on.
I do not have a picture of the box as it came in a white box, I think as I no longer have the box. Hope you don't mind.
The extra's
Will be making my own decals but have got these.
I took a picture of the real one at Cadwell Park.
First started by cleaning the metal parts and using different grades and using a polishing stick before any painting. 
I stuck the cockpit into the body and then sprayed an undercoat using Zero Paints Undercoat. 
I then sprayed Zero Brilliant White, Masked and sprayed Tamiya Red.
The bonnet and nose were sprayed tamiya red after an undercoat, the mud guards were sprayed with model air orange.
I have decided to build the Kit as a Roadsport A. With the kit there was a basis roll cage so I decided to build one from brass rod. Also the supplied exhaust pipes were the wrong ones for a Roadsport A so I have again made one from brass road. 
I found a K&S bending tool which is basically a tight spring which you place the tube in and bend, there is a little waist of tubing as it is difficult to bend the short amounts I was looking at. 
All of the above pieces in the photos have sprayed with a couple of coats of Future. 
I am know working on the seat, the front suspension, some other extras, and making my own decals, hopefully.
I have finished the model. I made most of the decals myself and printed them out on decal paper using an inkjet printer. Added the seat belts, build a fire extinguisher, and added some other details. Used some of the promodellers dark wash using a thin brush and applied to the gaps between the bonnets and the grills. Then used some weathering powders and finally applied a satin varnish.
Painted some figures as well, I have applied a flat varnish to them but when I have taken the photos they appear a little shinny. Will have to look at applying some more flat varnish.
On it's Base