Part 6…..The turret, Fighting Compartment and Main Armament

The construction of the turret started with the base of the turret basket. On to this I added the two part gunner’s seat, the gunner’s knee pad, the spent cases bin and the MG ammo box tray…..

Next the 11 round PE ammo rack was assemble…

I also folded together a PE ammo box container and a small PE stowage tray. These were then fitted to the turret basket base, along with the turret basket support legs…

The turret base plate was then added…….

The gunners elevation control arm are gear box were assembled. The aluminium tube came with the kit and so did the styrene rod. (on the right in the following picture)

The traverse motor, gear box and hand crank were also built (on the left in the following picture)

Then the breach was assembled, the safety guard was quite tricky to do. The brass wire rod had to be bent into shape, luckily there were measurements in the instructions to help you out…..

Here is the fully assembled breach along with the elevation controls, traverse control and the gunnner’s sight (to the left of the breach)

The turret basket was then painted in the same way as the hull interior, the main colour was Citadel Chainmail. Vallejo Model color Bronze green was also used in places, for example on the radio. I also used Vallejo Model Color Black.

I used Ak interior wash and Mig Dark Wash to add a used look to the turret basket. I will go back and add pigments once I have made my mind up on how I will do the exterior weathering so that everything matches.

In the next picture you can see the gunner’s controls fitted…..

The breach was painted with Mr Metallizer Dark Iron and then gently  buffed. After a coat of Klear decals were added….

Moving on to the turret interior, all the different parts were painted before being glued in place. It would have been stupid of me to glue things in place first and then try and give everything a nice paint job. 

Once everything was in place such as the breach, a .30cal Machine gun and periscopes, I added a little wire to add a touch more detail. So here is the turret interior all painted up……

The last thing to do was join the turret basket and turret base plate to the actual turret. I also ran the wiring to the rear of the radio and made sure it looked tidy…

In the next update I will finish assembling the exterior.

Thanks for looking