PART 4:  Painting the Hull Interior

With the hull interior assembled I decided to paint it before carrying on with the construction. As with the engine bay, I applied two coats of Tamiya Xf-1 flat black as a primer.

Next I applied two light coats of Citadel Chainmail paint that I had thinned with 70% Tamiya thinners. I also used Vallejo Model color Black and Model Color Carmine red 70908 to start picking out a few details. Finally a wash of AK interior wash was applied, this gave the grime and build up of dirt look that I was after

I used the Carmine red as it is a deeper red than a standard flat red.

I then turned my attention to the driver’s controls that were on the back of the glacis plate. The controls were painted in the same way as the rest of the hull.

Decals were applied for the various dials. As for the red hydraulic warning lights, these were first painted with Model Color Carmine red and once dry I went over them with gloss red.

The various nuts and bolts were highlighted using Citadel Mithril Silver.

One thing I did have to do at this stage was to paint and decal the rounds of ammo that the Saladin carried. After cleaning up rounds I painted the shelll casing with Mr Metal Color 219 Brass.

There are three different types of projectiles included in the kit…..

High Explosive Squash Head……black projectile with yellow tip

High Explosive…..  Dark Green Projectile

Smoke…. Grey projectile.

The ammo was then placed in the racks and secured with a dab of CA glue. The last thing to be added to the lower hull was the driver’s chair. This was given a coat of Gunze Olive Drab(1). Once the paint had dried I took some oil paint and blended it in to give a worn look to the seat.

With the lower hull fully painted I went ahead and glued the Glacis plate and upper hull section in place…

In the next update I will turn my attention to getting the turret fully assembled inside and out.

Thanks for looking.