Part 3: Hull Interior

The instructions have you starting at the rear of the lower hull. The first thing to add to the hull interior were the accumulators(right wall), in the corner I add the front fuel tank, the crew water tank was next to it and finally the battery cradle.

The battery box is made of PE and needed folding into shape before the two resin batteries are added. A stowage tray also need folding into shape, this goes to the left hand side of the batteries.

The battery box is on the left in the picture below…

Once folded into shape I took some solder paste and applied a small amount to the joints on the inside of the box. I then took a gas torch pen and heated the solder, the solder ill turn from dark grey to silver in less than a second. Any excess solder can be sanded off

The last thing to assemble that goes to the rear of the hull interior is an ammo rack. The rack is PE with styrene rods acting as supports. The styrene rods come with the kit. In the picture below are the three ammo racks that are fitted to the lower hull…..

The ammo rack, battery box and stowage tray were then installed at the rear of the lower hull. In the right hand corner as you look at the picture below I also added a flask ….

I now moved on to the front of the lower hull interior, first I one of the ammo racks I made earlier. A styrene spacer had to be used……

I also added the other ammo rack…

I the turned my attention to the drivers area, first I added all the parts to the hull…

As you can imagine there is vast mounts of wiring and cables all over the interior. I decided to use some lead wire to liven up the drivers area, it wasn’t my intention to fully replicate all the wiring of the actual Saladin, it was more to give you an impression of what it is like.

The final thing to do was to add all of the drivers controls, these were added to the rear of the Glacis plate. As you can see in the following picture, both resin and white metal parts were used..

In the next update I will start on the turret, thanks for looking.