Update 3…The engine bay

The kit comes with a highly detailed engine and was a real joy to put together.

First the oil filter, inlet manifold and the generator were added to the engine block. I also added the PE ignition junction box lid ……

The exhaust manifold was next…

Two PE heat shields were then fixed in place, above and below a section of the exhaust manifold…

A small section of resin had to be removed from the engine, I have highlighted this in red in the picture below…

On the right hand side of the engine bay I had to install a heat shield that protects the fuel tanks. The exhaust manifold is right next to it.

Spacers made from plastic strip were glued to the PE heat before it was attached to the fuel tank…..

As the exhaust feeds through the heat shield and fuel tank, its important to dry fit the engine and fuel tank to make sure I would have no fit issues later on in the build.

The one piece white metal generator drive belt and crank pulley were then fixed to the front of engine block. 

The next job was to add wiring to the engine…

after quickly assembling the air cleaners, oil cooler radiator and the fans, all the engine bay parts were ready to be painted and then installed in to the bay…..

According to the instructions, the engine should be painted Duck egg green. After looking at a few references pictures I mixed up my own batch of the colour using Tamiya paints. The colour is a light blue green colour. The exhaust manifold was given a base colour of an old rust brown colour from the AK rust paint set. The heat shields were painted with Citadel Mithril silver…..

Almost everything else in the engine bay is Silver. I applied a base coat of Tamiya Matt black and over the top of it I sprayed on a coat of Citadel Chainmail. 

I used chainmail because if I need to touch up any paintwork, citadel paints are are easy to brush paint on and blend in.

I then gave everything a wash of Mig Dark Wash and then a wash of Ak Interior wash. I then assembled everything, all that is left to do is add a few decals, oil stains, dust effects and then a few coats of matt varnish…

If you look closely in the pictures above, the oil cooler radiator and it support bar have  been installed so that they can move freely which exposes more of the engine.

Thanks for looking, next time I will start work on the interior.