Alvis Saladin mk2

  • Alvis Saladin Pt 1

    For this build I am going to be tackling a 1/24 Kit Form Services (KFS) Alvis Saladin mk.2.
    Its the first time I will tackle an armour build that is larger than 1/35 scale.
  • Alvis Saladin Pt 2

    Next I turned my attention to the rest of the lower hull. Even though they wouldn’t be added at this stage I assembled the exterior stowage bins. 

  • Alvis Saladin Pt 3

    The kit comes with a highly detailed engine and was a real joy to put together.

  • Alvis Saladin Pt 4

    Part 4: Hull Interior
    The instructions have you starting at the rear of the lower hull. The first thing to add to the hull interior were the accumulators(right wall), in the corner I add the front fuel tank, the crew water tank was next to it and finally the battery cradle.

  • Alvis Saladin Pt 5

    PART 4:  Painting the Hull Interior
    With the hull interior assembled I decided to paint it before carrying on with the construction. As with the engine bay, I applied two coats of Tamiya Xf-1 flat black as a primer.
  • Alvis Saladin Pt 6

    The construction of the turret started with the base of the turret basket. On to this I added the two part gunner’s seat, the gunner’s knee pad, the spent cases bin and the MG ammo box tray…..

  • Alvis Saladin Pt 7

    The last stage of construction was to add al the bit and pieces to the exterior of the turret.

  • Alvis Saladin Pt 8

    In this Final part steve works through the paint and weathering stages of the build ready for an amazing reveal at the end!!