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Dean Whitmire - 1/25 Lindberg '34 Ford Rat Rod


Hi Everybody

I couldn't wait to get started on this GB since I have been doing autos lately. 

Well here is my entry:
A co-worker of mine owns this one and I really wanted to build it, and if it came out good I was planning on giving it to him. 

Kit and Parts Used

Frame used from a revell 29 Ford pickup kit
Cab, front wheels and misc parts from the 34 Ford kit
Rear wheels from a AMT custom hot rod
Engine  from a revell 32 Ford sedan street rod
Fuel tank are two 500lbs bombs from a tamiya corsair kit
various evergreen styrene

Paints used

XF-19 sky grey
Model Master Flat Black (enamel)
Testors Gloss Coat (lacquer)

Display Case

XF-3 flat yellow mixed with X-11 chrome silver
dirtied up the road with all the PM washes
road edges make with white glue and woodland scenic grey ballast

I am using a Lindberg 1/25 for the base kit but I will also be kit bashing from a few other kits to get what I need and scratch building a few items and chopping it up. And here we go...

My modeling buddy, wanting some attention

Doing a little chopping on the top.  I cut a little from the front pillers and made relief cuts so I could pull down the roof.

I have made a little more progress being that it has been crazy with work and family for this holiday season.  Here are a few pics for you all...

Here are the engine parts.  it will be a basic Ford 302.

Front of the frame I will show you how this works with the front end very soon.

A little bleach to strip the chrome.

The rocker covers are ribbed and were to small to us the p-cutter so I glued rod to give it that effect.

Now to do what car modelers call boxing in the frame.  I traced the frame to cut out of some plastic stock to glue to frame so the frame has a clean look to it.  Normally you should do this on the inside also but I am going to skip that step and only do the outside.

Getting things ready for paint

I took two left over bombs from another kit to make the gas tank

Here is a mock up so far.  the next pic is what the car looks like.

Well I don't know how the builder of this hot rod chopped the top and keep the full size windshield in this thing.  I went ahead and chopped the top more and the side windows look about right but the rear window is to small but I do think it looks cooler that way so I might leave it but we will see
anyway here are some pics and I should be able to move forward on this one now...

I chopped the top even more but the back window looked nothing like the real car so I did a little more cutting and sanding I think it looks a little closer to the original one.  I also started the painting process with the motor and its parts.  here are a couple of pics

I am having problems though on getting the cuts I made along the back of the cab to disappear.  I have used squadron putty 3 times now but after I sand it down it still shows.  I am getting frustrated and am not sure what to do.  I have read on another forum to use filler that is made to use on real cars any thoughts???

anyway here are some pics of my progress...

Just in case you were wondering the real rod has army canvas bags cut as the interior and this is my best attempt at recreating it


Found some bigger tires

Finally finished this one.  here are a few more build photos and then the final reveal.
     I took a plastic storage case I picked up at the local hobby store to put it in and thought it could use a little dressing up.

Then I had to make my own version of the air cleaner.  I used milliput to sculpt it and then uses a screen from a faucet to glue on to give it that airfilter look

and now without further ado...

Finally finished and here she is.  I gave it to the owner of the real car yesterday and he loved it.

Many Thanks