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By Michael Lydon



This Ninja was reportedly created in the image of a fighter plane, which comes as no surprise considering that its slippery aerodynamics involved the cooperation of the Aerospace Division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. In fact, the ZX-12R spent more time in the wind tunnel during its development phase than any motorcycle in Kawasaki's history. The results are evident: small winglets on the sides of the fairing separate airflow around the bike; small wind deflectors on the lower forks deflect turbulent air from the engine; a long lip on the edge of the fairing further smoothens out airflow.


Paints Used


TS-52 – Candy Green Spray

TS-17 – Silver Spray

X1 – Gloss Black

X10 – Gun Metal

X11 – Chrome Silver

X12 – Gold Leaf

X18 – Semi Gloss Black

X-2 – White

X27 – Clear Red

X31 – Titanium Silver

X32 – Titanium Gold

X34 – Metallic Brown

X7 – Red

XF1 – Flat Black

XF16 – Flat Aluminium

XF28 – Dark Copper

XF5 – Flat Green

XF56 – Metallic Grey



Materials Used


Squadron Green

Tamiya Masking Tape 6,10 18 & 40mm

Mastercasters Sanding Sticks

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement






The build,


Box photo


Started off with the engine & frame sprayed Tamiya x-18 Semi Gloss Black



The engine is now assembled, the clutch housing and alternator cover are sprayed Tamiya XF-28



This is now added into the pre painted frame




Next the rear wheel is painted and assembled, the swinging arm was painted decanted Tamiya TS-17



The rear wheel is now added to the frame and at this point some of the touching up is done, ie the green clutch arm & oil cap etc




The front mudguard is painted in the candy green so the front fork assy. can be assembled. It was at this point I had noticed the spigot for the front brake pipe was snapped off. At this out came the hobby drill along with a 0.5mm drill bit. After drilling a hole I heated and stretched some plastic and glued it into the hole.






Add the handlebars and hoses




And it is beginning to look like a motorbike




Next the exhaust, the downpipes were spayed X31 + X34. I would normally put some weathering on the downpipes however the rest of the bike has no weathering plus there is little or no way of seeing the top of the downpipes once the radiator and fairing are in place. The silencer is built up and held in plce with tamiya tape until it sets.




Added to the bike





Now its just the fairings to be painted, inside are XF-1 and the outside TS-52 candy green.







And the tank




Screw it all together and you get...






If you note I left one of the side panels unpainted so the engine etc could be seen




Finally it was down to the tail fairing, indicators and mirrors. The kit comes with silver stickers for the mirrors however they are not pre cut. Given the size of the mirror and my hands I opted to spray them X-11 Chrome silver. This left the only thing on the kit I was not happy with. The tail fairing. If you look at the photograph you will notice the round spar, this is only used during assembly. The problem occurs due to the fact the only point the two halves are joined is at the end, a 5mm join. This took 6 attempts and even now I am sill not 100% happy with it. Decals went on and the final photographs taken.







Like this…







Michael Lydon